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These next few links are to documentation which are in MS Word format (.doc):

Photo Repository Concepts Overview

Photo Repository Pros and Cons

Photo Repository, Slideshows and PhotoStrips User's Guide

By loading photos into a database you can then create queries of photos using selection criteria and a display order.

Before You Start Building Your Photo Repository


QuickSurf Web Sites

The following are QuickSurf Examples:

Stock Charts at Yahoo Finance ... Close one and the next one opens.

Stock Charts at Yahoo Finance ... New Chart every 10 seconds.

Popular News Sources ... Close one and the next one opens.

QuickSurf Software Overview

Mallory's Memory Keeper software is a on-going project which has not reached an alpha version yet. Please feel free to contact Mallory at 828 488-9756 with software improvement suggestions or to report bugs.

Mallory has spent several years building photo repository capabilities using the ColdFusion and the JavaScript programming languages. The Memories Keeper Project started as a Windows PC photo repository and slideshow program. Capabilities are being added to support smart phones and smart TVs.